How to Signup on Breeze?

How to Signup on Breeze?

To start building a store on Breeze, you will need a Breeze account. Creating a Breeze account is completely Free. So let’s make an account for you.

Step 1: Open the Breeze Signup Page (

First Name: Enter your first name. You cannot change it later from the account for now.
Last Name: Enter your last name. You cannot change it later from the account for now.
Email: Enter your email address that you want to register with the Breeze. You will receive all the updates, confirmation and notification to this email address.
Company Name: Enter your Company that you want to display on the invoices and other records.
Password: Add a strong password.

Agree to Terms and Services and Privacy Policy. And click the Sign Up button to make the account on Breeze.

Once you submit all the information, you will receive a confirmation email to your account. 

Click verify and your account is made.

Sending the Invite to the Team Member

You can also send the invitation to join the team to your team members. 

Add the email address, and select their user role in the Company and an email with invite will be sent to your team member.

Dark Mode - Light Mode

The half Moon and Sun icon indicate the display mode on. You can select the Light Mode by clicking the icon.

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