What is my User Role?

What is my User Role?

Your user role defines the control and responsibilities over the websites and organizations.
There are three user roles -- Owner, Admin and Billing.
The defined user roles allow the Owner to provide website access to the team members while making sure the major decisions (such as billing, deleting the website) comes under his domain. If you are confused, you can check your user role in the Breeze dashboard.

Check User Role in Breeze Dashboard

Step 1: Login to your Breeze Platform
Step 2: Select the Company you like to work on

Step 3: Click on ‘Setting’ from the left navigation bar

Step 4: Go to the ‘Company’ from the top options

Step 5: Find your name in the member’s list
Step 6: Check the User Role given to you

The owner can also change the user role from here. If you have more questions, please contact the Breeze support team.

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