Scope of Support

Scope of Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you.  You can use live chat on the Breeze Platform for any quick question, or raise a ticket for more detailed help.  In this section, we will explain the level of support Breeze provide. Read our Service Level Agreement for details.

We have a comprehensive knowledge base for our product that you can search for quick answers. Beside knowledgebase, we have a blog, books and guides that you can explore. You can connect with the support team via social media, website, live chat, emails, or tickets. Our team will gladly help you solve your query, or redirect you to the right person. 

Quick Response

We ensure that you do not have to wait longer than 1 minute before talking to a real human representative. For a ticket, our average response time is less than 2 minutes. If the question is related to the Breeze platform, and its features, please check our Knowledge Base once, you may find the answer quicker.
Breeze helps you in:

Our team will provide full support in the following areas:

MyBreeze problem:

If you get any problem while working with any feature or tool of the Breeze platform, such as making backups, changing PHP version, purging cache etc.. Our team will assist you thoroughly.

Server issues

If the website encounters any server issue, our team will help you through it. We regularly monitor customer’s websites for server related issues, and if there is any, our team will solve it, and you would not even know it.

Site migration

If Breeze is migrating your website, our team will take care of everything. You just have to sit back and relax while Breeze expert moves your site to Breeze. If you want to migrate your site yourself, and need assistance, we will help you, but we will not be responsible for the failed migration.

Third-party App Integration

If you like to add third-party SSL, or CDN to the website, you can do so via Breeze platform. If you encounter any issue, feel free to contact the team. However, the Breeze team will not be responsible if the third-party integration does not work, and we don’t have any control over them. You have to talk with the service provider of those apps.

Custom Themes and Modules

We have extensive blog articles about the best themes, best extensions, best plugins, etc. You can find expert advice related to the selection of modules, extensions, software, and themes for the website.
Note: Breeze will not be responsible for the themes, extensions etc. we suggest on the blog, as we don’t have any control over their production. 

Breeze can’t help you in:

We are specialized in configuring servers for fast, secure and reliable web hosting. Breeze platform has tools and function that helps in managing and running your website. Then there are our blogs, library, knowledgebase, guides, and research studies to help you make a better decision about your website. However, we can’t assist you with the development of your website.
Few examples are:

Website design changes

  1. Content on the pages of the website (read guideline on what type of content you can host on our servers)
  2. How the website functions, and its sitemap
  1. Checking code of the website (we provide Magento 1 support)
  2. Migrating away from the Breeze
  3. Updates to themes, extensions, plugins or core
  4. Ask in Doubt
If any of the points is not understandable or want to ask about any specific help, please send your question using live chat. Our customer support is always available to help you out.

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