Report a Breeze Security Issue

Report a Breeze Security Issue

We make sure to keep our customer’s stores, data, and file secure. Our system is designed to eliminate potential known and unknown threats, alerting the engineers if there is any vulenrability, and actively monitoring the entire process with vairety of technology and security tools.

However, it is possible that a vulnearbility could make it to the Breeze platform unnoticed. If you find such vulnerability or security gateway, please do the responsible disclose of the issue to our team privately. This way we will be able respond appropriately, keeping Breeze and customer’s data safe and secure.
Send us the email at with details, screenshots and your contact information. Our engineering team will reach out to you if they need more information.
Our team check the reports daily, and evaluate the existence of the vulnerability. If we find an actual security issue, our engineers works to resolve it at priority.

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