Magento Redis issues - Apply the Latest Patch Fix

Magento Redis issues - Apply the Latest Patch Fix

Adobe has released the fix for the Magento Redis Issue. As per the official doc, Magento version 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 were having speed issues. Redis was consuming the extra CPU and memory than it regularly does. It affected the Magento platform and the overall performance of the store.


The latest patch will solve it and improve the store performance.
  1. reducing the size of networking communication for Redis
  2. fixing race conditions that lead to extra memory consumption
  3. changing Cache Adapter to cover eviction cases
  4. decreasing Redis CPU consumption
We recommend upgrading to Redis 5 for the Magento 2.3.3 or higher versions. At Breeze, we support Redis 5. For more details, please check the official release.

We strongly suggest taking a store backup and testing the patches by applying it on stage website.

View available patches and status

Run the following command to view available patches:
  1. php ./vendor/bin/ece-patches status
To learn to apply the patch, read this.

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