How to resize your server in Breeze?

How to resize your server in Breeze?

As the traffic starts to comes, you have to increase the Magento resources to keep up with the demand. The Magento store start to load slowly if there is too much traffic and not enough resources to match.

Steps to Resize the Plan:

Step 1: Login to MyBreeze Platform
Step 2: Select the Company you want to work on

Step 3: Open your ‘Store’

Step 4: Note down your Plan and Server Location

Step 5: Send us and Email

Copy the below email and fill the details. Send to

Subject: Change my Breeze Plan

Hello Team Breeze,
My Magento store is hosted on Breeze, with name: {{name of the store}} in the {{name of the company}}.

Current Plan: {{current plan}}
Server location: {{server location}}

I would like to upgrade/downgrade the plan.

New Plan: {{New Plan Name}}
New Server Location: {{new Server Location}}

Please let me know when and how my store is going to be migrated.
That's it. Our team will look into it and will respond to you in less than an hour.
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