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How to reset permissions?

File and folder permissions can cause trouble during uploading and modifying the files. All the files and folders in the webroot do not have the same permissions. Some can be written, while some can only be read. That’s why you need to change the permissions of the folder before making any changes. However, keeping the files and folder permission open can be critical to application security.

Setting up correct permissions, and then resetting them to default is ideal for preventing security breaches. You can quickly reset all the permissions to default from the Breeze platform.

Reset Permission to Default:

Follow the steps to reset files and folders permission to default.

Step 1: Login to your Breeze Platform
Step 2: Select the company you like to work on

Step 3: Click on ‘Sites’ to open the site list
Step 4: Open the 'Store' you want to work on

Step 5: Go to the Tool section from the options at Left
Step 6: Find the Reset Permissions and Reset them

Step 7: Confirmation notification will be displayed

The reset permission only reset the files and folders present in the public_html directory of the application. After resetting the default permissions, this will be the setting:

  1. All files have 660 permissions: 660 permissions mean the owner and the group can read and write, but other users have no permissions.
  2. All directories have 770 permissions: 770 permissions give full control (read/write/execute) to the owner and the group and no permissions to anyone else.

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