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How to purge all cache from Breeze?

Caching makes the site faster by saving and loading content from the cache files. There are many types of caching, like server-side caching, browser caching, or Redis caching. Though caching improves the page speed, it can show outdated content if the cache expires headers are not set correctly.

You can purge all cache from the Breeze platform.

Note: This method does not purge the Redis cache because of user sessions.

Purging cache from MyBreeze Platform

Follow the steps to clear all website cache.

Step 1: Login to MyBreeze platform

Step 2: Select the Company you like to work on

Step 3: Click on the ‘Sites’ to open the site list

Step 4: Open the 'Store' to clear the cache

You will see the overview section of your Magento store.

Step 6: Find the Purge All Cache under Quick Tool section

Step 7: Select the type of Cache you wish to Clear

Core Cache: Select this to purge the Varnish cache, general cache files and execute the bin/magento cache command.
Redis Cache: Select this to Clean the Redis cache
Cloudflare: If you have connected the Cloudflare with MyBreeze account, you can select this to clean the CDN cache from here.

Step 7: Click on Continue to clear all the cache.

That's it. The selected caches are cleared.
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