How to delete a site from Breeze? | KB

How to delete a site from Breeze?

Whether you want to delete it entirely or to remove it from the Breeze platform, you can do so in a few steps.

Deleting the website will delete all the database and staging environment of the website. So take backups before deleting the site.
Deleting Website 
Follow the steps to delete the website.
  1. Login to your Breeze Panel

  2. Select the Company

  3. Open the 'Store' you like to Delete

  4. Click the ‘Delete’ option in the left navigation bar

  5. Click on the ‘Delete this Server’

  6. Confirm the deletion by typing sitename-live

  7. Push the Delete button

  8. Once deleted, you will get a confirmation message

Before deleting the Live site, you have to delete the Stage.
Also, make sure to take a backup before deleting the website. We are not responsible for your website files and data after the deletion of website.

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