How to connect SFTP on Breeze platform?

How to connect SFTP on Breeze platform?

SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol is a standard communication protocol used for the transfer of computer files from a server to a client on a computer network.

It requires a connection between the client and the server, but unlike FTP, SFTP transfer files over a secure channel.
At Breeze, we only support the SFTP connections to keep the data safe and secure during transfer.
Step 1: Assign the SSH Key to the Store
First, you have to assign a SSH key to the store.
  • Go to SSH Key page from the Store's dashboard

You will find the list of all SSH Keys connected to the store. You can add a new Key or working with your existing Key.

Learn: How to add a new Key to the Store?

We will be using SFTP key here -- which is already added to the store.

Step 2: Configure SFTP Client
We will be using FileZilla.
  • Open FileZilla

  • Select Site Manager from the File option

  • Create a New Site

Configure the General setting.

  • Protocol: Select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol from the dropdown.

  • Logon Type: Select Key File from the dropdown.

Fine the rest of the information at the Access Page on Breeze Platform.

Fill the Host, Port and Username fields in the FileZilla client.

Click on Browse button in Key File box, and select the Key file in your computer. It will insert the location of Key File into the FileZilla client.

On Windows system, you may have to change the PPK to PEM, as the Key is in PEM format.

That’s it. Your store is connected with SFTP.

Upload, Download and make changes as you like -- keeping the files secure during transfer with Breeze.

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