How to add a new Key to the Store?

How to add a new Key to the Store?

Step 1: Add the Key to your Account

There are 2 ways to add SSH keys to your account.

  • Add your SSH Key

  • Generate a New Breeze SSH Key

To add a Key, first go to Setting >> User.

(a) Generating New key

To Generate a New Key: Click on the Generate.

Name your Key and click on next.

Our new Key - HogwartsKey is generated and a file is automatically downloaded.

NOTE: The downloaded file will be needed when creating an SFTP connection with the HogwartsKey.

(b) Adding your Key

If you already have an SSH key, you can add it to your Breeze profile. Click on Add.

Name your Key, and enter the Key Fingerprints. Click on next, and it is done. Your Key is added to your account.

Step 2: Add the Key to the Company
You can view all the Keys in your account from the User tab. (Setting >> User)
  • Click on the Gear Icon in front of Key names.

  • A pop-up box will appear. Add the keys to your company by clicking the +.

The Key can be assigned to any store in that Company now.

Step 3: Assign the Key to the Store
  • Select your Company and open the store.

  • Click on the SSH Keys from the options (Left)

  • Click Link to see the list of all Keys added to the company

Select the Key and click on Link to add the selected Key to the store.

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