How to Convert .pem file to .ppk file?

How to Convert .pem file to .ppk file?

A . pem file is a container format that may just include the public certificate or the entire certificate chain (private key, public key, root certificates): Private Key. Server Certificate (crt, puplic key) (optional) Intermediate CA and/or bundles if signed by a 3rd party.

A PPK file stores a private key, and the corresponding public key. Both are contained in the same file. The file format can be completely unencrypted, or it can encrypt the private key. The public key is stored in cleartext in both cases.

The Private Key, which is automatically downloaded to your computer when you generate an SSH Key on Breeze, is in .pem format. To work with Putty, we will need a .ppk format key. You can convert .pem to .ppk with Putty Gen.

Convert .pem file to .ppk File

Step 1: Open the PuttyGen (Click on Windows and Type Putty Gen) - Download Puttygen if its not present.

Step 2: Click on Load and select the .pem file. You have to choose the ‘All Files’ from the drop-down menu to display the .pem files.

Step 3: Select the .pem file and open it.

Step 4: The Key will be imported to the Putty Gen. 
Step 5: Click on ‘Save private Key’ and add a name to the key. 
Step 6: The resulting file will be in .ppk format and will work with Putty.

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