Can We Run Automated Load Testing Tools?

Can We Run Automated Load Testing Tools?

We allow load testing at Breeze and recommend these eCommerce testing servicesPlease inform our support team first if you are going to run a load test. 

Load testing is a way to test the website's reliability by sending a certain amount of traffic to it. This way, you can evaluate the website performance under heavy load. Besides traffic, load testing simulates a real environment by changing traffic inconsistently. The target os load testing is to determine‚Äôs system performance for normal and peak load conditions.

  • How many users the store can handle at any time of the day?

  • How many concurrent users the store can handle?

  • At what point the site is breaking down? 

  • What pages are loading slow when the traffic increases?

Most automated load tests do not provide the right result, leading to wrong conclusions. With Breeze support, you can get the accurate data to reach the best decison.

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